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At Elite Fitness 24/7 Access we offer only the best health and gym facilities with state of the art equipment in air-conditioned studios.  We want you to feel free to come and go at times that suit you in your busy schedule, knowing that we're always here to provide advice, support and guidance on your journey to tip-top physical condition.  It's difficult to embark on any discipline on your own so that's why we're always around to support you!

Everyone has different reasons for coming to our gym.  If you want to lose a few pounds, we can design you a personalized weight loss program that will get you to the weight you want to be, with you setting the pace.  We don't believe in bullying people to get results and so if it's a boot camp you're looking for, think again!  Our friendly approach includes determining your individual tastes and creating a weight-loss program that is tailor-made for you and includes an exercise schedule that will give you a realistic opportunity to reach your target weight.  

If you have specific physical therapy needs after a prolonged illness or injury, our professional trainers are qualified to assist you by devising a therapy program specifically for your needs.  We'll encourage and motivate you when things get tough and raise your confidence by proving to you just what you are capable of achieving because we're in the business of winning against all the odds and we know you are too.

For any aspect of physical training, health and fitness, Elite Fitness 24/7 Access is the perfect place for you to set, work towards and achieve your fitness targets and we're always here to help you all the way.  

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